The company

In order to satisfy your most specific requirements, KB TECH is building on the expertise in numerous technologies and a recognized know-how for guiding you in your choice of your customized machine. Each machine is specifically designed for the typical operations of the concerned type of production: conveying, assembly, test and checking, welding, packaging…


Who are we?

KB TECH has been founded in 1990 after a need had been identified in the field of special machinery. We are located in the industrial park of OBERNAI in Alsace/ France, 25 km south-west of Strasbourg, and the geographical proximity of big regional companies in the tri-border area with Germany and Switzerland is beneficial for the development of know-how and quality.

Our sectors of activity

Equipped with high experience and up-to-date tools, KB TECH is acting in the domains of automation and industrializing of production for:

-          pharmaceutical and medical industry,
-          electric and electronic construction,
-          automotive,
-          domestic appliances,
-          plastics industry,
-          construction elements industry
-          office furniture
-          …

Also, the Ministry of Defence and the Research Center CNRS are counting among our clients.

We are able to meet the different requirements of different sectors of activity, developing and designing custom-made, innovating and competitive means.

Our force

Global solutions for industrial processes

Offering a comprehensive service and a strong reactivity, with a special concern for security and ergonomics issues, KB TECH is supplying turnkey solutions from the feasibility study to realization, passing by a prototype if needed, in order to comply with your needs of:

-          assembly templates, checking templates,…
-          bending, cutting and crimping tools,…
-          manual, semi-automatic and automatic equipments for small, medium-size and large series,
-          commissioning of the equipment with training of the operation and maintenance staff,
-          after-sales service,
-          preventive and curative maintenance

Since 2004 KB TECH has extended its offer by the development of a range of upgradable assembly presses with optimum ergonomics for an enhanced productivity and for industrial processes with high requirements, and we are ensuring, if you wish, the manufacturing of quickly interchangeable tools or the adaptation of your existing tools.