Pneumatic press

The pneumatic press KB TECH constitutes a perfect alternative solution to traditional manual presses wherever the cycle time, the required force or quality requirements are important criteria. KB TECH provides a series of equipments that are covering a vast range in terms of force, work stroke and dimensions.

The whole range from 0.75 to 140 kN

The KB TECH presses are equipped with direct-acting pneumatic cylinders with one or more chambers, generating a constant force over the whole stroke. For the applications requiring an important force a hydropneumatic cylinder can be used, characterized by a maximum thrust over the last millimeters of stroke, without need of a hydraulic center.

The press is equipped as standard with PLC, with a low-pressure driven loading drawer and with a safety relay, a “turnkey” equipment which may be used safely without specific integration.

Parts are positioned on a drawer outside of the press zone, ensuring improved loading conditions and perfect safety conditions for the operator. Cycle start is triggered by a short passage of the hand in front of a touch button on the front façade of the press near the loading zone. There is no need for a distinct pressure, a simple streaking is sufficient. During the press process operator’s hands are free, and he can ensure parallel tasks.

100% modularity

The pressure reducing valve and the manometer on the front façade of the equipment permit the adjustment of pressure of the pneumatic circuit. Pressure is proportional to the force generated by the cylinder.

A display may be integrated for the supply of essential information for the operator about the correct process of cycles.  Also, screens for configuration and for diagnostics are available.

For the reliable product identification it is possible to connect a bar code reader to the press. Press process data can be saved in a data base or sent to a network.

Integration of many other functions upon request: measuring of force and of stroke, mobile hood, ESD protection, detection of presence of components etc.

Simple and efficient

The drawer and the upper tool are equipped with mechanical interfaces allowing for comfortable tool change without wrench. If required by the application, there may be electric and pneumatic distributors on board of the drawer, permitting to equipment the tool with actuators and/ or detectors. As an example, it is possible to check the presence of parts before starting a cycle, or to maintain parts by means of cylinders.

A mechanical poka-yoke prohibits a wrong positioning of the tool, and a check by software is performed in order to control the correspondence of the upper and lower tools. This identification permits also to select automatically the appropriate press program, without need of any intervention by the operator.


The final position of parts can be adjusted by the lower limit stop by small steps, or by the adaptation of the stop to the part position.


The profile of the folds is determined by the geometry of the configuration plunger – matrix, and it may be adjusted by moving the lower limit stop and/ or by the action of side plungers which are fixed in the press cage.


A stop with precise adjustment combined with a time-lag in low position permits to compensate elasticity of materials for a precise rivet joint.

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