Electric testers

These equipments have been designed for the execution of checking tasks on electric and electronic devices for small, medium-size and large series. The electric testers KB TECH are designed for a smooth adaptation to a multitude of possibilities.

The solution for your industrial tests

Possible range of functions:

interchangeability of tools

Marking of parts as conform

exhaust collection

integration of miscellaneous checks (vision, measurement of force or torque etc.)

integration of a traceability system


Design and integration according to your specifications in order to meet your requirements.

The new concerns in connection with RSI (repetitive strain injuries) are subject to particular attention during the design stage, in order to make equipments both user-friendly and performing, with a special regard to the safety of staff.

Continuity test

Test of the electric insulation in order to detect functional defects and for validating miscellaneous electromechanical functions.

Actuation test

Evaluation of the resistance of products against aging with detection of possible mechanical malfunctions..

Electric measurements

Detection of nonconformities of devices regarding current, tension or electrical resistance.